Look Years Younger Reducing Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Xeomin (pronounced zee-oh-min), is the newest FDA-approved alternative product to Botox. Xeomin is also  injected into the face to soften wrinkles by relaxing the muscles underneath them. The areas most commonly treated are between the eyes (glabellar region), forehead, and lateral eye (crows feet).

How it works:

Xeomin is derived from a natural nerve blocker (incobotulinumtoxin A) and is placed into into selected muscles of facial expression to temporarily inhibit their movement. When these muscles are relaxed it results in reduced facial wrinkles and folds that contribute to an aged appearance.

How is it different from Botox?

There are two main difference between Xeomin and Botox. First, Xeomin does not need to be refrigerated, which can make it easier to ship from the company. Therefore, it is less prone to denaturation and damage than Botox. Second, Xeomin does not carry the proteins that are typical of the other products. The manufacturing process removes the proteins so that Xeomin is referred to as the “naked” botulinum product.

Before treatment:

Before your Xeomin treatment it is best to avoid aspirin or aspirin containing products, ibuprofen, motrin, Aleve or any other anti-inflammatories. This is because All of these products make your blood platelets less effective and your skin more prone to bruising.

After treatment:

Immediately following your Xeomin treatment, some patients have notice some mild redness or very slight swelling. These side effects generally resolve within half an hour. It takes a few days for the Xeomin to fully relax the muscle, and patients see the effects between 2 to 14 days. In most patients, these treatments last about three to four months in most patients. Some patients, however, experience the effects of either for up to six months.

Before & After

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