Why am I hearing a lot about Low-T?

Low testosterone is becoming an epidemic in today’s modern society. You’re hearing a lot because testosterone is such a powerful and vital male hormone, if there are any variations in our bodies, a range of bad things can happen.

What is the relationship between estrogen and testosterone?

When estrogen levels are high it skews the estrogen:testosterone balance towards femininity. This condition is called andropause – low testosterone and rather recently has been dubbed male menopause!

How prevalent is Low-T?

According to one study, low testosterone may affect up to 13 million men in the United States. However, it has been estimated that only 10 percent of affected men currently receive treatment.
Low testosterone is frequently seen in men with other common medical conditions including up to 74 percent of men with chronic opioid use, 52 percent of men who are obese and 50 percent of men with diabetes.
It is also more likely to occur in men with common conditions such as high blood pressure, hypercholesterolemia and erectile dysfunction

What are the symptoms of Low-T?

Common symptoms of low testosterone include – Low sex drive, problems with fat deposition and loss of muscle mass, gaining body fat disproportionately in thighs, poor motivation, poor sleep patterns, decreased concentration, decreased energy, erectile dysfunction, decreased testicle size, altered mood, and inability to focus and concentrate with a shorter temper than normal. Even osteoporosis can occur, as it does it in our female counterparts. All this can be summed up as Male Menopause.

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