hCG Diet – Before & After Photos

When following the diet correctly women typically lose up to 30lb on the low dose 40 day program and 30 or more on the high dose 40 day program.

At Vitalize all of our hCG comes from a licensed US approved pharmacy and is certified for safety and sterility.

There are minimal side effects reported while using hCG for weight loss, because the amount of hCG used in the diet protocol is a very tiny dose. Many hCG patients also experience healthy side effects including a drop in cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar.

“In less than 7 months I lost 77lbs! If you are motivated, Vitalize’s staff will assist you and help you achieve your weight loss goal! They are close by and always accessible!” – ED

“This process has not only solve my weight problem but has significantly improved my health in all other areas too.” ~ TRACI


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