We met Michele and Tom when they came in for their consultation back in 2015. We love being part of their weight loss journey! Below is an email and pictures we received from them on their success.

Michele in 2015 before Vitalize at 300+ pounds and a year later in 2016 at 199 pounds.  100 pounds —  GONE.

Tom in 2015 before Vitalize at 435 pounds … And in July 2016 down 200 pounds!!!

And we’ve lost even more since then. Michele another 15 pounds and Tom another 40 pounds!!!

Michele lost 10 inches off her waist and hips, 5 inches off each thigh, 3 inches off of each arm!

She was wearing size 24W pants and is now wearing size 8s or 10s.  And from a 2x shirt to Medium now!

Tom is now wearing jeans with a 34 waist and previously was wearing 56!
And 4x shirts and now he wears size large.

We have more energy and since we changed how we eat, maintaining has been easy.  We weigh ourselves everyday to make sure we are in range.  When maintaining we can indulge at an event but then we just eat sensibly after that to make sure we stay within range our our set weight.