Toxins are any substance that have a harmful impact on your body. They are unavoidable in a world of processed foods, high stress and pollution. Signs of toxic burden on your body include:

1. Insomnia: Are you waking several times during the night or having trouble falling asleep? Toxin build up and insomnia have been linked to liver problems. A good liver cleanse can be very beneficial to combat these issues.

2. Lethargy: Do you have a lack of energy? Find it hard to stay focused? High levels of toxins in the body causes it to work less efficiently.

3. Headaches: studies have found a strong correlation between retention of toxins and chronic tension headaches and migraines.

4. Skin Problems: When toxins build up in the system the skin helps to dispel them through the pores which leads to many skin rashes or skin conditions.

5. Yellow or White Tongue: Toxic foods negatively impact the the digestive system, and this includes the tongue. A white or yellow film on the tongue is a sign that the digestive system is likely fighting toxin buildup.

6. Increased Belly Fat: Studies have shown that increased toxins will also increase belly fat. This is a result of of the toxins making their way to the abdomen and staying there. The only way to remove them is to flush them out though a body cleanse.

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