Weight loss is the #1 New Year’s resolution made year after year. It is also the #1 resolution that is abandoned within a few short weeks. Below are a few tips for making this resolution stick and let this be your year for successful weight loss (and keeping it off).

1. Weight loss is not about a short term fix. To consistently lose weight and keep it off it involves life style changing with relaxing unhealthy habits with positive healthy habits. Making changes all at once can be difficult to maintain. Make it a goal to change 1-2 habits a week.

2. Become self aware of what and when you eat. Keeping a food journal of everything you eat and drink for one week will help you become more self aware of not only your calorie intake but the type of food you are eating as well. Write down both the time you ate and everything you had. At the end of the week review the journal to see if you see any habits you didn’t realize such as having a handful of jelly beans from the office candy jar every day around 2 or working through lunch every day and over eating at dinner because you are famished.

3. Replace 1-2 items in your fridge every week with healthier options. Replace your TV Dinners with healthier options such as steamed rice and frozen vegetables. When you do your weekly shopping, stock up on fresh or frozen produce and vegetables. Avoid canned foods which are typically higher in sodium.

4. Don’t deny yourself your favorite treat. One common misconception in dieting is that you have to eliminate all foods such as soda, chocolate, french fries, etc. This can actually backfire and lead into binge eating. A great strategy is to remove these items from the house where temptation can be strongest but still enjoy once or twice a week in moderation such as over lunch or dinner.

5. Set measurable goals. Making the resolution “I am going to lose weight” is very broad and can be overwhelming. Instead set smaller more measurable goals such as “I am going to walk 20 minutes every day” or “I am going to drink 2 glasses of water every day”. By making and achieving these smaller goals, it are the steps needed to change habits and create a healthier lifestyle!