At the beginning of a consultation today for CoolSculpting, our client Mandy said “It seems to good to be true. I’ve lost count of all the crunches and different exercises I’ve done to get my pre-baby body back. After two kids, it seems that fat accumulates just in my mid section now. I would love to have the confidence back to wear a two piece on the beach again instead of the tankinis I hide in.”

Many clients start of with the same skepticism as Mandy. How can this be possible without invasive surgery? Are the results long lasting?

The CoolSculpting treatments were developed by Scientists and it’s now FDA approved as a safe and effective treatment to rid trouble areas of the unwanted fat. The treatments work by using controlled cooling to target and kill fat cells. The cells die on contact and in the weeks to follow, these targeted fat are naturally eliminated from your body for good.

Our clients share that their main reason for selecting CoolSculpting is that there is no surgery or artificial substances involved PLUS it is FDA approved. The controlled cooling targets only your fat cells.