A common myth when dieting is to be successful you should never eat past 7pm. Some experts have given this advice since people are more prone to reach for junk food or binge eat during the later hours.

But what do you do if your hungry later at night? Eat the right foods! By knowing which foods are best late at night will help you get a better night sleep and avoid binge eating . Plus certain foods such as high-quality proteins can actually help increase your fat loss.

As a general rule it’s important to avoid carbs later at night and especially before bed. Instead opt for slower digesting foods and high-quality proteins. Not only does it help to help maintain your calorie-burning lean muscle as you lose fat it also helps you recover from exercise.

Some great options for snacks later at night include:

1. White Meat – chicken and turkey are great choices because they digest slowly. They also promote the release of the hormone glucagon which helps the body with break down stored carbs and fat within your body to be burned for energy.

2. Cottage Cheese – in addition to being very slow digesting it also stimulates glucagon release. Be sure to eat plain cottage cheese, as the flavored varieties tend to be loaded with added sugars.

3. Green Vegetables – these are a great alternative to “munching food” such as chips and cookies. They contain virtually no calories and are high in fiber.