Welcome to Vitalize Medical Center... Rochester NY’s Premier Center for Male and Female Medical Revitalization

From weight loss and anti-aging therapy to hormone replacement and hair restoration treatments, Vitalize Medical Center offers a comprehensive range of medical revitalization services to help restore a more healthy, vibrant and invigorated you!

Male Hormone Replacement

A man’s natural testosterone production gradually decrease as he ages, we help restore these vital levels in the most safe and effective manner possible

Female Hormone Replacement

Whether it’s menopause treatment or other concerns, Vitalize Medical Center is one of Rochester’s most trusted centers for female hormone replacement therapy


A leader in advanced skincare solutions, Biopelle helps with concerns from daily maintenance and intensive treatments for signs of aging to professional peels and post-procedure care.

Hair Restoration with PRP

Platelet-rich Plasma is fast becoming one of the industry’s most popular forms of hair restoration, learn more about it and how you can benefit


An advanced process that freezes stubborn and difficult-to-burn visceral fat cells, to help you reclaim the healthy physique you once enjoyed

hCG Diet

A rapid weight loss innovation that’s medically supervised, patients report losing anywhere from half a pound to two pounds per day. Jumpstart your fat loss!

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Our clinic offers a wide range of natural and medical treatment options for men dealing with ED and sexual performance issues, find the one that’s ideal for you

Pripaus® Shot

A revolutionary new erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment that uses the patient’s own plasma to restore healthy blood flow for stronger, longer-lasting erections


An innovative female hormonal therapy utilizing PRP to address stress/urge incontinence, chronic pain from child birth, vaginal tightening and orgasm challenges

Vampire Facial®

After microneedling, a small sample of the patient’s own blood is massaged into the face to improve fine lines, wrinkles, scarring or other skin abnormalities

Vampire Facelift®

This designer procedure was developed to enhance volume in the face, using a combination of hyaluronic acid (such as Restylane) and platelet-rich fibrin matrix (PRFM)


Tiny, sterile needles are used to puncture the skin andstimulate collagen induction. Learn how they can help ease wrinkles, improve facial scarring and reduce discoloration

Dermal Fillers

We offer a full spectrum of dermal filler options, including Juvederm, Radiesse, Belotero, Restalyn, Voluma and Vobella. Discover the full range of options and benefits


One of today’s most popular and well-researched anti-wrinkle treatments, neurotoxins are an effective way to get rid of forehead wrinkles, frown lines and crow’s feet

Peptide Therapy

A highly effective, multi-benefit treatment, Sermorelin is used to help stimulate the pituitary gland’snatural production of HGH (human growth hormone)

Vitamin Therapy

Nutrients known to decline with age are injected directly to enhance the effectiveness of your daily routine, while supporting energy production, fat burning and overall health


Advanced Therapies to Help Restore Youthful Looks, Vigor and Performance

As Western NY’s first comprehensive female & male wellness center, Vitalize Medical Center is proud to specialize in a diverse range of innovative treatments for weight loss, hormonal function, anti-aging, hair loss and more. Our facility utilizes the most leading-edge equipment and medical services for those looking to rediscover the youthful side that inevitably fades with time. Our services include everything from medical and preventative services, to specialized naturopathic therapies and one-of-a-kind treatments exclusive to our practice. When you’re ready to turn back the hands of time, our experts are ready to help.

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To learn more about our clinic, our team or our complete offering of innovative health services, get in touch by calling Vitalize Medical Center today at 585-287-5299. You can also write to us through our secure and 100% confidential contact page.
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